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As a photographer, one of the questions I’m asked most often is “what should we wear?” Since my photography is focused on celebrating the beauty of every client, I want to make sure my clients are happy with the outfits they chose!

So, here are some tips for choosing outfits you’ll love for your photoshoot!

Color Palettes

It’s best to pick a color palette for your family’s outfits. Picking a color palette will allow your outfits to complement each other, and not clash with each other. I suggest picking three colors, with a least one being a neutral color.
Here are some go to colors that complement together.

Navy and Pink

Purple and Grey

Pink and Sage

Blue and Green

Finding colors that match can be daunting, but don’t worry, the internet is here to help! I love for finding color palettes. You can search by style, color, or season! Most of their color palettes include 6 colors, but I would suggest only choosing 3 out of the 6 colors. You can also check out my Pinterest board “Color Inspiration,” where I pin color palettes that I love!

Washington, DC Family Photographer, Maryland Family photographer, Virginia Family Photographer

As you can see, this family picked colors that matched well together (they also followed the pattern suggestion below). Since mom and dad were wearing variations of green, they put the little guy in grey, a neutral color. The photo is aesthetically pleasing because their outfits complement each other.


I would advise only one person wear a pattern, unless you are a boss at mixing patterns. Also, please don’t wear matching patterns; that might look cute for kids, but if the whole family is matching it will take over the photo. Remember that 90s photo of Justin and Brittany in their matching denim? We definitely don’t want to recreate that!

This family did an awesome job at incorporating patterns into their outfits. Since dad was wearing a pattern, mom and son stuck to solid outfits. Their family outfit looks great since there are no clashing patterns!

Maryland Family Photographer, Washington DC Family Photographer

I hope these tips help you when trying to decide what to wear to your photoshoot! The goal is to help you find outfits that you will love years down the road! Outfits that won’t make your grandkids ask “what were you thinking?” (I know we all have had those moments!).

If you’re interested in booking a family session contact me!

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