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What’s a Creative Headshot Session?

A creative headshot session is more than the corporate headshots we see on business websites. With a creative headshot session I capture the essence of what you love. Whether you would like photos to match your brand, photos to caputure you doing what you love, or photos with the products you make! It’s about showing who you are!

Stephanie’s Creative Headshot Session

Stephanie reached out to me for a creative headshot session. She wanted photos of herself in the sweaters she makes! Aren’t her clothes just beautiful?! It takes so much skill and talent to make wearable clothes!

Stephanie’s session reminded me of how we are all born with creativity. Creativity isn’t something only a few have, it’s something that’s inside all of us. One way Stephanie chose to express her creativity is by knitting sweaters. For me, it’s photography. How do you express your creativity?


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