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Last week, my boyfriend and I went to Williamsburg, Virginia for a few days. One thing my boyfriend Jason and I bond over is our love of history. So, when he said he wanted to go to Colonial Williamsburg I was down!

On our first day in Williamsburg it rained. But that ended up being a good thing, since there were less people walking around the shops! One thing I loved about Williamsburg was walking down Duke of Gloucester Street and going into the shops to see how things were made in the 1700s. This was my second time in Williamsburg, but it was the first time I realized that the people in these shops are not just actors, they know what they are doing. They apprentice in their craft so they can make jewelry, woodwork, ect., just like the colonists from the 18th century. Knowing this gave me a better appreciation of Colonial Williamsburg.

Another awesome find is The Art Museum of Colonial Williamsburg. Before this was an art museum it was a mental hospital, so there’s an exhibit detailing the treatment of patients in mental hospitals in the 18th and 19th century. The Art Museum itself is huge, it had so much to offer it felt like a Smithsonian. Since I’ve become a photographer, my appreciation for different kinds of art has deepened. My favorite exhibit there was the “Century of African American Quilts”. This exhibit told the story of African American culture through quilts!

A fun thing to do in Williamsburg at night was going to the “Cry Witch” trial. It’s a mock up of a witch trial that happened it Williamsburg! It’s fun because the audience gets to interact and vote on whether she’s a witch or not! My boyfriend and I were split on the vote!

On our second day we went to Jamestown. Jamestown is an archeological site, so there isn’t too much to see like there is in Williamsburg. They do have an archeological museum, which has a lot of artifacts about the first permeant english settlement in the U.S. Jamestown also has a glasshouse where glassblowers use the techniques of the 1600s to make glass! This was definitely my favorite part of Jamestown.

Here’s a wrap up of my favorite things to do in Williamsburg:

  • Walk down Duke of Gloucester street. Make sure to bring something home that was made in Williamsburg!
  • Go to the “Cry Witch” trial
  • Ghost Tour – I didn’t mention this earlier because ours was cancelled, but I went when I was 16 and loved it.
  • Check out The Art Museum
  • Check out the Glasshouse at Jamestown

Hope you enjoy these photos I took! Can’t wait to photograph more travels to share with you!




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