A Modern Day Love Story | The Story of How I Met My Boyfriend


This is not the typical boy meets girl story; this is a modern day love story.

I still remember where I was when I looked down at my phone and saw a message saying “You are too cute”. It made me smile on my morning walk to the metro. I clicked on his profile and thought he was “too cute” too.

But when I swiped for more photos there were none! He only had one photo! I was like “who just has one photo.” I almost didn’t respond because I was worried he might be catfishing me. But I read through his profile and saw that he liked history and books, and I thought to myself “he’s a bit nerdy like me”. So, I took a chance and responded to him. From there we started talking everyday and had so much in common.

Was I being catfished?

Then the day of the date came. I admit I was nervous. He only had ONE PHOTO. My co-workers told me they thought I was walking into a catfish. But something told me to go, even though everyone else was telling me to cancel. We hit it off so well over text that I knew I had to give him a chance.

We had our first date at Mission in Dupont. I had been there a few times before and knew they had a great happy hour (they have tacos on their happy hour menu!). I was on the Dupont escalator and I saw he texted me that he was there. I WAS NERVOUS. Was I being catfished? The moment had finally come, I looked around and I saw him and my heart jumped because he looked like his one photo! He really was a cutie. haha. We had such a great time over tacos and margaritas. From talking about our love of history, books, and Old Town Alexandria.

Check out these photos from our couple’s session from Casey Crowe Taylor.

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